Since 1967 HB-THERM has been a leading, trusted manufacturer of temperature control units worldwide, producing innovative temperature control technology to the highest quality standards. 


Made in Switzerland.


Regulated mould temperatures are essential for plastics injection moulding.

Temperature control units regulate mould temperatures through a liquid heat carrier by controlled inducing or dissipating of heat.

Aside from reducing flow, impurities lead to a degradation in heat transfer, and thus to a deterioration in performance.


Clean-5 removes corrosion and scale in moulds, temperature control units and hoses, and provides extended protection in storage.

In parallel connected circuits flow changes might remain undetected as the flow of medium is distributed among the remaining channels. External flow meters Flow-5 monitor parallel circuits individually and detect changes early on, before production quality begins to be compromised.

Certain challenges in injection moulding cannot be overcome with classical mould temperature control. The solution is a variothermal control: High temperature during injection, cold temperature in the cooling phase.

Unsuitable water in the temperature control circuit promotes scaling and corrosion, thus raising maintenance costs and risking premature failures. The risk increases for water temperatures above 140 °C, rotary feedthroughs, or small channel cross sections.

Treat-5 supplies temperature control units with system water of defined quality.


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