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motan-colortronic is a leading provider for sustainable raw material handling, they operate in the areas injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and compounding. Innovative, modular system solutions for storage, drying and crystallisation, conveying, dosing, and mixing of raw materials for the plastics manufacturing and processing industries are part of the application orientated product range.


Motan Dosing & Mixing Machine

Perfectly blended, consistent quality. One of motan-colortronic’s greatest strengths is knowing how to precisely dose and mix granulate, flakes, powders and liquids both volumetrically and gravimetrically. Consistent high- quality results represent an important competitive advantage for you.

Lower costs, higher-quality drying. motan-colortronic drying systems are designed to be energy efficient. Patented ETA plus® technology helps you reduce energy consumption by up to 64 percent, and, thanks to the DryingOrganizer, you can be sure of excellent results each time.

Energy-saving systems, reliable long-term operation. Sophisticated, energy-efficient technology for the high-quality crystallisation of amorphous PET. Ideal for the simple recycling of granulate or the processing of new stock.

Automatic conveying, greater productivity. Motan-colortronic’s conveying systems optimise your material flow, reduce waste and boost the productivity of your production line. Motan offers integrated, end-to- end conveying systems and individual units.

Intelligent control network, total visibility. You receive the level and type of control you require: end-to- end or simple. Thanks to their modular structure, motan-colortronic’s solutions can be extended and enhanced at any time, and its control systems grow with your company’s requirements.

Sophisticated storage solutions, efficient utilisation of raw materials. From small portable containers to large-scale outdoor silos, motan-colortronic provides the right storage solution for your materials handling needs – saving you space, raw materials and reducing the effort and cost of transportation.


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