World-leading software that gives you precise, minute-by- minute information on the status of your production equipment, human resources and quality assurance.


  • Increase profit | reduce waste and machine downtime

  • Make decisions at the push of a button | Always generate up-to- date OEE and KPIs

  • Optimize production processes | Eliminate production weaknesses

  • Reduce energy costs | Visualise the energy consumption of machines

  • Order immediately | Plan results at the push of a button

  • Multi-level planning grid | scheduling of interrelated work processes

  • Standard ERP interface | Order and master data, alarm and process data

  • Prevent personnel shortages | Visualise personnel demand, promptly identify

  • Obviate product liability | Complete documentation of data for processes and parts

  • Analyse scrap | Critical analysis of processes and parts

  • Reduce scrap | Identification of trends, early optimisation of processes

  • Increase productivity | Continuous improvement process (KVP)

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